Tips to Improve Your Websites Traffic and Search Results

With so many new websites coming online each week and the huge amount of competition in each business niche already, you really have to take a proactive stance on your organic search efforts or your website will get buried alive. Regardless if you are in a popular niche or not, with millions of search results per keyword, you need to learn how to position your website so you rise through the ranks., a Charleston SEO firm gives us some pointers to increase your results:

The first thing you have to do when it comes to organic search is clean up your keywords. If you are focusing on the most popular phrases that reference your niche, you are fighting every other business in your industry. The key here is finding those low hanging pieces of fruit that your competition missed. It could be that you have to dig just a little deeper, but those search terms that have low competition and a decent global search are going to help your pages get indexed and ranked faster.

Focus on cleaning up all the meta fields in your admin section of the website. These are the search terms that show up under your website in the results pages. Not only does it give the person a better understanding of what they will find on your website, it helps the search engine spiders to position your content. The more relevant the phrases and keywords to your content, the higher you get positioned in the organic search results pages.

On-page optimization is everything these days, so if the pages are not relevant to the links the users followed, you lose them forever. These surfers are impatient, and if they followed the links looking for blank shirts and landed on pages selling printing equipment, you will lose that visitor for good. Make sure the keywords you use on each page closely match the content perfectly.

Attracting high quality links are essential, but there is an easier way than trying to get others to link to your pages. If you have a page dedicated to working out, a link to the American Heart Association website is huge for two reasons. Not only did you link to a high-ranking website, you gave your readers relevant content to follow-up, so they may follow that link for additional information but they will come back. It wasn’t like they were sent away to the competition, and that will come across big to your readers too.

So now you know how to clean up your content and increase your search standings.