Questions to Ask Your Potential Real Estate Agent

If you are going to buy or sell a house, you need the best qualified real estate agent on the job to ensure everything moves along as planned. In some cases, if you are looking for a home and it is a sellers market, you may have trouble finding a house in your range because they keep getting offers the day they are listed and your realtor is not working fast enough to get you to bid first. In that particular case, this could be an ongoing relationship that lasts months, or possibly for many years too.

Here are the questions from Premier One a listing site for homes for sale Charleston SC, you should be asking a potential real estate agent before you sign the contract to work with them.
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1. How many years have you been a real estate agent? Are you doing this part-time or is this your only source of income?
2. If we sign a contract, do you offer a real estate rebate in exchange? If yes, how much of a percentage do you offer as the rebate?
3. Do you have any accommodations or awards as pertaining to the real estate industry?
4. Can you give me a list of past clients so I can call them and inquire with them about your time working together?
5. How long have you lived in this region? How familiar are you with all the neighborhoods?
6. How many houses did you close last year compared to how many that you listed?
7. What is the average time it took for you to get a buyer to find a house and close?
8. Do you take your own pictures or do you have a professional on staff that will take pictures of my house for sale?
9. Are you available after hours, if yes, what is the best way to reach out to you.
10. If I find a house while out driving, should I call you about it or just walk up and talk with the owner?
11. Do you have any social media sites I can look at?
12. How available are you on the weekends to help us with finding a house?

These are only a few of the questions you should be asking a potential real estate agent.

Remember, if the realtor is too busy to answer or refuses to answer them all, imagine how they will be to work with once you were to sign with them.

Ask now before you sign any contract with a real estate agent and you will narrow down the list of the best potential candidates.